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  • Doors open slot Aludoor a multilayer doors, the most superior intelligence, are made from aluminum alloy produced according to CE standards. Can adjust the light as desired.
  • In normal mode, DOORS will create ventilation slots so cool. When it closed, creating a solid wall, quiet sleep, peace of mind when away from home
  • The product of the Aludoor are produced with high sophistication to ensure fit when closed, and resistant to water leakage when thrown into the water.
  • The product of the Aludoor use paint outdoors, sustainable colors with time against the harsh weather conditions.


- Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063, Powder coating

- Leaves: 4 feet - Body 3 layer - Hooks thickness 1.3 mm

- Weight: -- kg/m2

- Warranty: 10 years

** See more Motor system at  www.alibabamotor.com.tw


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The provisions of the warranty DOORS - fix DOORS

- Warranty conditions:

• The equipment is warranted to be intact stamps and warranty.
• The product must be the technical staff of the company Hung Phu Thanh installation.
• During the warranty period, the damage caused by the manufacturers that use the environment in normal conditions would be free warranty.
- The Company does not warrant the following cases:

• Warranty card information was compromised, being conjoined, torn.
• In case of failure risks due to natural calamities, falls, collisions, fires, obstacles when the door is operated up and down.
• Power oscillation limit allowed: 220 + (-20V) for electrical equipment.

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