Maintenance Services DOORS 24/24 prestige in the city

Monday, 15/12/2014, 09:32 GMT+7
With the continuous development of industry DOORS. Our company is specialized in supplying DOORS and maintenance services DOORS 24/24 reputation in the city. Will bring you the most satisfaction in service.


Maintenance Services DOORS 24/24 prestige in the city


Service maintenance, repair DOORS.

Be trained, experienced with the process of assembling a team of repair craftsmen DOORS aludoor Hung Phu Thanh always be with friends and with all the family. We specialize in customer support in the industry DOORS, average charged, remote, motor.

We specialize in repairs DOORS Germany

During use, DOORS often arise annoying problem for the user, the climate issue is also a significant impact on our Vietnam, hot, humid, rainy door makes difficult operation, or when rolling door is stuck, do not automatically reverse, auto stop when meeting obstacles, dOORS be appealed. DOORS aludoor Hung Phu Thanh we will fix the bug in a quick and best. With reasonable price make you satisfied.


Dich vu sua chua cua cuon

We service repair quality reputation


Expert repairs Remote DOORS.

Remote always bundled purchase DOORS, however during use will also encounter unnecessary obstacles, making the buttons can eat or not, do not hesitate to contact us, your remote be repaired at once quickly.


Warranty service, the best remote repair

Expert repair motor

The motor types such as Alibaba, and Yuan Yuan, we will give you the quickest fix for skilled technicians are trained.

Dich vu sua chua, bao hanh motor

We specialize in motor repair warranty


Expert repairs per charge

Includes inspection, repair UPS circuit, replace the battery, warranty in charge. Used as an alternative source of power failures, but because customers pay less attention to the average charge and how to operate the products are always reliable, it has not been fully utilized. With us, you will be instructed to use and quick fix. Best warranty for the product.


sua chua binh tich dien

Average Good Repair charged out at Hung Phu Thanh .


Please contact us to best serve you, we specialize warranty, maintenance, repair 24/24 all the holidays, holidays.

All information please contact:

Hotline: 0908 26 22 79

Tel: (08)6262.1888 - (08)6262.3888


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