Policies recognize the

1. Recruitment Policy

The Company uses are pretty flexible with how "recruited" to "use" the recruitment criteria of transparency ... to ensure the quantity and quality of human inputs of high quality.

Recruitment shall be carried out in accordance with the strategic development of the company, shall comply with the annual plan and in each period based on the principle of equal opportunity for all candidates, follow the application process use of the Company.

2. Policy Training & Development staff

Training and development of employees is a top priority of Hung Phu Thanh

Training to accompany and develop the Company's policy is considered important. Hung Phu Thanh always interested and respected training policies in each period of development of the Company's training methods to support CB-NV career development. Each CB-NV are to encourage and facilitate participation in training courses in the company or outside.

Based on the content of each course, students will be trained through appropriate training methods, such as lectures, discussions, practical approach given the particular situation realistically to settlement, or a combination of extracurricular ... At the end of the training, participants are required to post harvest and report on learning outcomes for company leaders.

CB-NV worked from 6 months to participate in domestic short-term training planned annual professional training, emergency training to the needs of the unit and by means of such training through rotation transferred, participated in the original layout projects, programs for staff working conditions and the ability to learn from experience accumulated knowledge, professional development and career-oriented company.

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